Corporate Well-Being

PhysioNova renders services in Corporate sectors where we reach out to offices and impart physiotherapy at their door step. Over the years we have pioneered a growing global network of advanced specialists visiting the offices with a definite goal: to provide better results, more efficiently, with a greater cost-efficiency. Our services are flexible and designed as per requirements of different Industries to fit their need.

PhysioNova Corporate well-being
PhysioNova workshop and events

Workshops & Events

Physionova organises a variety of workshops both nationally and regionally which are of particular relevance to private practitioners. These range from practice management courses, medico-legal, information technology to clinical courses of the highest calibre. We organise seminars & workshops that would answer various question related to ergonomic problems and needs of the office premises.


Research & Development

The need of the hour requires various tools of assessment and treatment on day to day basis in health and fitness to fulfil ones hunger for research and that in turn requires a lot of R &D. And PhysioNova is the one stop answer and food for thought to quench this hunger. Careful assesment and well documented results of each patient case helps us develop even better forms of care.

PhysioNova research and development
PhysioNova Publication platform

Publication Platform

We have come up with a section where the therapists can register and post their research work and put in their achievements that need to be reached to the Indian people and Physiotherapy fraternity. The students can benefit by posting their queries regarding any of the mentioned subjects and topics that would be answered appropriately and effectively by Members/ Panelists from their respective specialties.